• Memorial Hall car park fence

    Parish Council Statement

    Blocking an easement by erecting a fence on land that was accessed by the public for at least 20 years, without being asked to stop by anybody, seems to be unlawful and it is the considered opinion of the Parish Council that they will support the removal of the fence by official means and will write to NCC Highways and the BC Planning authority to report an alleged unlawful erection of a fence. In addition that the PC echoes the safety concerns of the public relating to the increased risk to school children and teachers caused by the fence altering the otherwise relative safety of the way the MH car park was previously used cooperatively and with permissions of the MH Trust for school employees, parents visiting, dropping off and picking up, in addition to hirers of the MH and the use by the Secondary School bus for turning and picking up/setting down. The erecting of the fence is seen as both unnecessary and provocative anti-social behaviour and disproportionate to the minor inconvenience when access to School Lane is temporarily blocked due to congestion at peak times, a situation that should have been perfectly apparent when considering the purchase of the property adjacent to a school and village hall with a playing field. The Parish Council, although having no duties or powers in what is essentially a dispute between neighbours, is cognisant of the affect it is having on the wider community and will continue to work with the authorities and stakeholders to find a reasonable and practicable solution. 

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  • Small Grants Scheme can help projects that aim to make life better in West Norfolk

    Please find below information about the Small Grants Scheme that is currently available.

    The information is also published on our website here: https://www.west-norfolk.gov.uk/news/article/1511/small_grants_scheme_can_help_projects_that_aim_to_make_life_better_in_west_norfolk

  • Temporary Closure of Footpath 21a from its junction with Tail Sluice in the Town of King’s Lynn to facilitate Environmental Agency condition surveyor works (REF NO. WTRO4437)


  • Council Tax Support Scheme 2024/2025 – Consultation now open

    The consultation for the 2024/25 Council Tax Support Scheme is now open and can be found at www.west-norfolk.gov.uk/ctsconsultation.

    We want to make our scheme more generous so that we can give, not only more help, but also extend its range so that more people will be eligible.

    In offering to help more households with 100% tax support we wish to ensure we take all opinions on board.   To this end it would help us if you would publicise this consultation and encourage people in your area to read the details and complete the survey.  We also would like to hear your views.

    We welcome a cross section of views to enable us to make a balanced decision. We will, therefore, also readily welcome any additional comments you may have.

    Kind regards


    Jo Stanton (IRRV Hons), Revenues and Benefits Manager

    Tel: 01553 616349


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